About Supplybrary

Find something useful.

At Supplybrary, we call everything people use to do something else a supply.

Supplybrary gets it's name by combining the words Supply "something available for use" and Library "a collection of  documents or records kept".

Supplybrary is an online library of supplies that allows anyone to find useful items that have been uploaded and organized by our members.

What are these supplies?  Where do they come from?  Who makes them? When are they made?  Why are they made?

Supplybrary catalogs the answers to those questions into a free search-able database accessible to anyone on the internet.

It is the mission of Supplybrary to catalog every object ever used; past, present and future; real and fictional.

We also want to know how supplies are categorized.  Do more people consider a shirt apparel or clothing or both?  Our Supplibrarians organize these categories based on research, user amendments, and personal preference.  Eventually a category standard becomes clear, and we use that standard to help you find supplies even faster.

Uses for the Supplybrary database:

  1. Research past, present, and future supplies used by humans including fictional items.
  2. Order items for the smallest home project or a two year building contract.
  3. Find contacts and information regarding recalled products.
  4. Re-supply your existing business or start a new business at the most competitive rates.
  5. Advertise and distribute your existing supply or show off your latest invention.

Buying and Selling

Some of the items you see on Supplybrary will allow you to buy them from Merchants.  You will see a "Supply Me" button next to items you may purchase.

Supplybrary generates revenue through monthly Merchant plans, supply purchase fees, and non-invasive advertising.

We hope to grow Supplybrary into a massive marketplace to help you find the exact item you need quickly and purchase it.  We only store "Supply" data.  Each item is checked to prevent duplicate entries, so your search results are extremely accurate and fast.

We also want to offer you a new way to run an online business with thousands of manufactured items to choose from. We use a patented system to allow Manufacturers to directly input their supply items into the database, making more supplies available faster.  Only qualified merchants sell the supplies.  We encourage competition.

We allow the Manufacturer to retain control over the presentation of their supplies, but anyone can add amendments of factual information, such as who invented the supply, what parts are used to make the supply, updates regarding the supply, etc.

Amendments are closed.