Why was my supply removed?

Supplies are removed from Supplybrary in rare cases.

Quite often the supply is simply in the "Uncategorized" category.  Look for it there and assign a category to it.

Sometimes the "Title" and/or the "Category" gets the supply filtered out.

1. Choose a title that is as short as possible to describe what the supply is.
Avoid titles that include opinion words like "best", "Worst", "most reliable", etc.

Note: At the bottom of each supply page is a "Do you use it?" survey, and a comments area for registered users. There, you can add opinions, amendments, notes and any other information you feel is not covered in the supply document.

2. Choose a category that is precise.  If you cannot find a category that fits your supply in the drop down menu, create a new one. Multiple categories joined together as a single category usually get filtered out.

For example, Building Supplies>Wood>Oak>2 x 4.

What you can do in that example, is create a category hierarchy.  You can learn how to create and manage categories at WordPress.

As we learn more about the way supplies are labeled and categorized, we continue to improve the tools that you use to interact with them.  If you have any suggestions, please leave a reply or Contact Us.

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